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We’re well into January now, but still having to endure the long cold evenings with no sign of warmth any time soon. If you’re feeling the January blues during this chilly period, you might find you are needing the comfort of sneaking up the heating to feel cosy. If you’ve not considered them before, plantation shutters could provide a good alternative, allowing you more warmth without having to increase your heating bills.

Plantation Shutters for insulation

Known for their timeless elegance, Chic Shutters of Surrey plantation shutters are not just about style. They are also very practical and have incredible insulation properties that can help to keep your home warm and snug without the extra fuel bills.

This is because once fitted and closed, the window shutters create a solid “wall” that has an air gap, providing an insulating air space between the shutter and the window (a bit like cavity walls). You can actually turn the heating down a couple of notches and still retain the warmth.

With fuel bills constantly on the rise, plantation shutters provide a great window dressing solution for the energy conscious home owner. Chic Shutters of Surrey’s plantation shutters come in many different styles and finishes, from different wood finishes to any colour paint. We can even match your wallpaper! This means you can have total flexibility for your interior decoration – so that saving costs in winter does not come at the cost of taste and style.

And if you choose our louvre style shutters, you can tilt the louvre to let in light during the day and just close them when it’s getting dark or cold and you want to make your room extra cosy and inviting!

Great for Spring Time Too!

When it comes to spring and summer, plantation shutters’ insulation properties will also keep the heat out. If you don’t want to keep out all the heat, movable louvers can be opened to allow ventilation and natural daylight to enter a room while blocking some direct radiation.

Improve insulation with shutters

If you’d like to discuss the options available for improving insulation in your home with plantation shutters, please get in in touch


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