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How I work with you

With the wide range of options and finishes available, together we will be able to create the perfect style to meet your needs and budget. When you work with me, you can rest assured that you will receive my full attention and benefit from:

  • 1 POINT OF CONTACT: From the first visit to your home, to the final installation, you will only ever deal with 1 person. I will personally take responsibility to make sure the measurements are right and the options offered are suitable for the windows to meet your specific needs
  • NO SURPRISES: Because there are no middlemen, so what I quote at the outset is what you will be charged – valid for 6 months
  • BEING HEARD: I know a lot about shutters, but I don’t know how you live. I want you to love your shutters, so my first job will be to ask you relevant questions and listen carefully so we find the right solution - with the small details that will make the style perfect for you
  • NO LONG WAITS: We can provide you with your quote on the day we meet, so you can decide whether to go ahead as soon as it suits you. From order confirmation to installation usually takes just 6 -8 weeks
  • PEACE OF MIND: Once in place you know your shutters will last. Unlike the industry standard of 3 years, I am proud to offer a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee – although with the right care you should find they’ll last for life!

To see how we could add a touch a luxury to your home, why not book a free home visit and consultation

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Nevil Kapadia - Director Chic ShuttersHi my name is Nevil and I want to help my clients find elegant solutions for their home that are practical and that offer value for money.

My fascination with creating and building things, started as child. Infact I was quite a nerd and would while away the hours with modelling kits, and this fascination has stayed with me into my adult career.

I have been working in the shutter industry for many years now and love to solve a problem by creating something and using my understanding of how to bring in subtle design tweaks (such as the style of opening or hinges) to make a difference to the overall end result. The wonderful thing about shutters is there’s nowhere they can’t go – even if you have a round or curved opening, there’s always a solution – and my passion is in finding that solution in a stylish way that will create a better living space.

Unlike some nerds, I don’t like to shut myself away, I’m also a people person. I want to make things better for others and this is reflected in my early career in the police force, where I worked in the training department. I loved listening to and helping others, but found I was frustrated not being able to use a hands-on creative design process. That’s when I decided to combine my interest in people and creating things to make their lives better at home, which lead me to the plantation shutter business.

I learnt the trade at a leading national supplier, a great training ground, but again found one part missing. This time the people element, because as a fitter I wasn’t with the client and often what was sold to them either wasn’t possible or wasn’t the best solution. I found it lacked the personal touch so I left to set up my own local boutique business to focus on providing local clients with something they love - with a personal service to match.

Nevil Kapadia